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Long term energy storage

Energy delivery by combining compressed air, gravity and buoyancy

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Inventing technologies and methods focused on the demanding offshore oil and gas industry, and having the practical experience from working in wellbores and under water, including rising and lowering heavy loads under water using tanks and filling/emptying these with air, led to the invention where we combine the energy potentials of gravity and buoyancy of an object (rising and sinking) in a water filled environment. (Remember when you push that air filled ball under water, and how it races up to the surface and pops out when you release it? Or when you dropped the rock into water, and it sinks to the bottom? Well, that is buoyancy and gravity.)
The system is based on vertically placed tubes under water, where a piston travels up and down in a water filled tube. This “piston tube” is coupled to a “turbine tube” in the upper and lower end. In the “turbine tube” there are turbines powered by water flowing by the sinking or rising of the piston.

When the water filled piston sinks, the water is pushed in front into the lower end of the Turbine tube, while at the same time drawing water into the Piston tube behind it from the Turbine tube. As the piston lands in the lower end of the Piston tube, the water within the piston is replaced by air (also driving a turbine, creating electricity). This causes the piston to rise towards the surface again within the Piston tube, pushing water in front of it into the turbine, while drawing water into the Piston tube from the Turbine tube coupled in the lower end of the Piston tube. 
Air is compressed by excess energy delivered from traditional energy delivery systems, as for example wind, solar, wave or underwater turbines. This compressed air is the “battery”. The air pressure will be generated by an air compressor, or alternatively by pumping water into the air tanks. 
These systems can be moored under water, or be part of a structure or decoration of high rise buildings.

Our CEO is Hugo Alonso Nieva, at


Inventors and partners are Kaj Stokkeland and Henning Hansen, in addition to Hansen Energy Solutions LLC

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Now we are in the process of strengthening the team, establish collaboration with technology and knowledge partners, as well as preparing to invite investors to participate in this great venture.

If you´d like to collaborate and/or invest, we´d love to hear from you! 

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