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A Long-Term Energy Storage Solution

By Combining Compressed Air, Gravity & Buoyancy

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What it is

Storage2power is a groundbreaking startup dedicated to transforming the energy landscape by developing sustainable energy generation and storage systems. At the heart of Storage2power lies a revolutionary technology that integrates the latent energy potentials of discharged compressed air, gravity, and buoyancy within a water-filled environment. This approach seeks to redefine the fundamental principles of energy generation by utilizing natural forces in harmony, thereby eliminating the reliance on rare earth minerals, fossil fuels, and harmful chemicals. 

The core of the innovation is a vertically placed tube submerged underwater, housing a water-filled piston that moves dynamically up and down. This "piston tube" is ingeniously coupled to a "turbine tube" both at the upper and lower ends. As the piston travels, it propels a continuous cycle of water flow and air compression, creating a perpetual energy generation mechanism. 

  • Sinking Phase:

    • During the sinking phase, the water-filled piston descends in the piston tube, pushing water into the lower end of the turbine tube.

    • Simultaneously, water is drawn from the turbine tube into the piston tube behind the sinking piston.

    • The water flow in the turbine tube activates turbines, generating electricity.

  • Compressed Air Discharge Phase:

    • As the piston reaches the lower end of the piston tube, the water within is replaced by air, activating an additional turbine dedicated to air transport.

    • This high pressure (high energy density) compressed air becomes the innovative energy storage mechanism, functioning as the system's "battery."

  • Rising Phase:

    • The rising phase commences as the compressed air propels the piston upward in the piston tube.

    • The ascending piston pushes water in front of it into the turbine tube while drawing water from the turbine tube into the piston tube from below.

  • Continuous Cycle:

    • This continuous cycle perpetuates as the piston rises and falls, creating a reliable and efficient energy generation and storage process.

Storage2Power ensures versatility and scalability by integrating its system with various traditional energy delivery sources such as wind, solar, wave, or underwater turbines. (The Storage2Power solution can easily be combined with such, where the system forms the underwater support system.) Also the solution can be coupled to traditional hydroelectric energy plants. Excess energy from these sources is utilized to compress air, effectively creating a sustainable and eco-friendly long term "battery" that stores the energy for on-demand use, adaptable to a wide range of environments.

CEO is Alonso Nieva, at


Inventors and partners are Kaj Stokkeland and Henning Hansen, in addition to Hansen Energy Solutions LLC

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Now we are in the process of strengthening the team, establish collaboration with technology and knowledge partners, as well as preparing to invite investors to participate in this great venture.

If you´d like to collaborate and/or invest, we´d love to hear from you! 

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